What style of photography do you shoot?

I shoot in a relaxed, unobtrusive manner. Documentary, fly on the wall style photography with fine art portraits in the mix!

How many photographs do you supply after the wedding? 

There is no limit to the number of images I supply! On average it's around 400 edited images, colour and black & white. 

Do you charge travel costs? 

If the wedding is local (in the Midlands) there won't be any travel costs. However, if your wedding is quite a distance away I may need accommodation before and after the wedding. 

What do you wear on the day?

I will always arrive at your wedding in a suit and tie. It helps me blend in and it looks good! 

Do we need to feed you? 

You don't need to feed me but it would be greatly appreciated! that way I can sit and eat while everyone else is, which means no missed shots!

What areas do you cover?

I mainly cover weddings in my locale (West Midlands) but I love to travel around and I will shoot weddings in the UK and abroad! 

Do you take formal group shots?

The majority of weddings I shoot, formal group shots will be requested. These are normally so the parents and family have a nice photograph to put on the wall. I'll normally dedicate 10-15 minutes of the day to do all formal group shots. I normally start with the big group shot of everyone and then whittle it down to close family.  

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